Pink Cadillac

In Loving Memory of Bill Pruet

When Tamela is not performing as a solo country pop artist, she is also one of the lead singers of the Pink Cadillac band, performing throughout Montana.

Pink Cadillac consists of three Montana members: Mitch Hauer on lead vocals/guitar (Essex, MT), Tamela on lead vocals/bass/guitar (Big Arm, MT) and Danny Seifert on drums/backup vocals (Essex, MT).

Mitch, Dan & Tamela have been jamming together for several years and now live close enough to perform professionally together. Catch them performing at various venues throughout Montana, with a unique mix of rock, pop and country songs.

The love of classic rock, pop, contemporary, and country bonds these musicians together.

All total they have over 70 years of performance experience, as each musician has played 20+ (Tammy) 30+ (Mitch) and 40+ (Dan) years!